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Umarta, IP-many years is engaged in production of beehive for bees from polyurethane foam (PPU) on absolutely new technology. If you are interested in where to buy PPU hives, please contact us. The website presents an extensive range of products, including:


special equipment for apieces;

the equipment for beekeeping;


Each beekeeper knows that in order to achieve maximum results in the breeding of honey bees, it is necessary to provide them with suitable housing. A good hive must meet several requirements: 

to protect the bee colony from the elements;

have sufficient thermal conductivity;

be simple in design and modification;

do not require special care.

Polyurethane foam hives are protected from temperature changes, and are able to retain heat, not allowing the walls of the hive overheat. Due to these qualities, bees do not have to spend additional forces and feed stocks to maintain the required temperature inside the nest, but can direct this energy to the cultivation of offspring.

If you decide to buy PPU hives from us, you will be able to get the first-class product at brilliantly favorable price. The products which are realized by us easy, at the same time are characterized by high durability. Polyurethane foam is known for its sound and thermal insulation qualities, which makes it even more popular material in the modern market. One of the undeniable advantages of this raw material is also its resistance to rotting and drying, high resistance to humidity. And because polyurethane foam is an artificial material, mice, insects or bees yourself it does not bite. This allows the hives produced from it to serve for a long time, almost without changing its shape and appearance.

Are absolutely harmless and ecologically clean hives PPU. Their sale is carried out by us according to all standards established by Gosstandart. The walls of the hives do not emit noxious fumes even at high temperatures, with no negative impact neither on the bee colony, or to the environment in General. If necessary, you will also be able to easily replace the walls or other parts of polyurethane foam beehive, as all parts are removable and interchangeable.

We invite to cooperation of individuals and beekeeping farms. On the hive PPU price we have mutually beneficial.



Russia,  Bashkortostan,  Meleuz,  451000,  st. M. Amira 48


Mustafin Rustam Ahmetovich

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When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!
When placing an order please inform the manager that you've learned the information on Allbiz! Thank you that you buy on Allbiz!


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